SFE Radios! 5 Watts-16 UHF Channels

SFE Radios! FCC REQUIRED NARROW BAND FOR 2014. Update your old radios with these 5 watt SFE radios from Start Finish Electronics. Commercial grade, professional 5 Watt, 16 channel UHF radios meet new FCC standards for race radios and deliver clear, concise communications on the longest of race tracks. We can program your radios to your frequencies throughout the 450-470 Mhz range. These are the very same radios that come in our Pro 1 Series system. They come with both cables, short jumper for the car radio and long coiled cord for the crew chief radio. BNC antenna adaptor is also supplied. Just install and race!
SFE Radios! 5 Watts-16 UHF Channels
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Price $295.00