Pro 2 Series Radio System-NASCAR

Power = Distance + Clarity! Make sure you buy max legal 5 watt radios! The real "pro" setup. This setup has it all! The SFE (Start-Finish Electronics) radios deliver the signal you need for constant communications on all tracks. They are rugged, commercial grade professional radios that put out 5 watts of UHF power. The alphanumeric face displays 16 preset channels and allows you to add custom frequencies for up to 199 channels! These awesome radios are field programmable, as well. For the car: Phantom Elite roof mount "Shark Fin" 450 Mhz antenna with coax cable. An extra 3.2 db gain, so critical for long tracks. SFE 5 watt UHF radio, 16 channel, 1300Mah Li-Ion battery, roll bar mount radio box, PTT switch with coiled cord for steering wheel, NASCAR car harness with radio jumper, driver's helmet kit (NASCAR), Challenger Pro2 ear buds, battery eliminator (12v) for endurance racing. (no radio/battery changes) For the crew chief: "Carbon Fiber Look" BTH (behind the head) headset with scanner port, SFE radio with 1300Mah Li battery (10 hours), belt clip, 1/4 wave short antenna and 1/2 wave rubber ducky antenna (3 db gain) and coiled cord. COMPLETE! Nothing Else To Buy! Road Course, Oval Track, Formula Car!

Pro 2 Series Radio System-NASCAR
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