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Analog Radio System-4/10 WATT Digital Radio System Commercial grade digital radios we have for sale
Analog Radio System-4/10 WATTDigital Radio SystemDigital Radios - IMSA

Complete 4 Watt/10 Watt race radio system.

Complete 4/10 watt Digital radio system. Double power for 100% clear communications. Ideal for long tracks. 

Digital is here! These commercial grade digital radios put 4 or 10 full watts of power, double the power of your analog radios for extended range capabilities! 




Enduro Digital Radio System UHF Mobile Radio - 45 Watt!
Enduro Digital Radio SystemUHF Mobile Radio - 45 Watt!

Fully digital system for endurance racing. In-car radio is a TYT MD-9600 capable of 45 Watts of output. Car antenna is Browning with a full 3 db forward gain for long tracks. The system includes 2 TYT MD-398 UHF handheld radios for the crew chief...

45 WATTS! HAVE THE BEST SIGNAL AT ANY TRACK! NEW! The AT-588 is a UHF mobile radio for your race car and it puts out 45 watts of power! Now you can have the best signal at the track with 200 channels available. Everything you need is included:...