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Headset Antenna Antenna Combo High Gain Roof Antenna
Headset AntennaAntenna ComboHigh Gain Roof Antenna

This headset antenna attaches to the metal band of a BTH headset for added distance and clarity. Includes fitting, cable with correct connector and 1/2 wave antenna. Headset NOT included!

Shark Fin Antenna and Rubber Ducky Antennas. No coax cable. These are standard on all Pro 2 Series Radio Systems.

New Item! Roof top mount this antenna adds 3 db to your digital signal. A must have for medium to long tracks!




Pit/Paddock Antenna Tower Shark Fin Antenna Shark Fin Package
Pit/Paddock Antenna TowerShark Fin AntennaShark Fin Package
This 22 foot antenna mast sets up in minutes! Use it in the pits or paddock for extra clear communications with your driver. The antenna is 5/8 wave over 5/8 for a 5.5 db gain. Shipped with a fold-out tripod base, 6 four foot mast sections made...Shark Fin antenna with 3.0 forward gain for long tracks.This "Shark Fin" antenna increases signal output by 3 Db! A must for long tracks. Includes 10' of coax with correct BNC connector.




UHF 1/2 Wave Antenna - "Rubber Ducky" - with adapter UHF Roof Antenna with coax cable and NMO mount
UHF 1/2 Wave Antenna - "Rubber Ducky" - with adapterUHF Roof Antenna with coax cable and NMO mount

Called a "Rubber Ducky", this 1/2 wave antenna gives crew/chief radios a 3 Db signal boost. Includes correct BNC adaptor for TYT radio.

Complete roof/trunk mount antenna with NMO 3/4 inch brass mounting, 10 feet of coax cable and correct BNC connector for UHF radios with BNC adaptor.