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Headset Antenna Antenna Combo Pit/Paddock Antenna Tower
Headset AntennaAntenna ComboPit/Paddock Antenna Tower

This headset antenna attaches to the metal band of a BTH headset for added distance and clarity. Includes fitting, cable with correct connector and 1/2 wave antenna. Headset NOT included!

Shark Fin Antenna and Rubber Ducky Antennas. No coax cable. These are standard on all Pro 2 Series Radio Systems.

This 24 foot antenna sets up in minutes! Use it in the pits or paddock for extra clear communications with your driver. The antenna is 5/8 wave over 5/8 for a 5.5 db gain. Shipped with a fold-out tripod base, 6 four foot mast sections made of...




Shark Fin Antenna Shark Fin Package UHF 1/2 Wave Antenna - "Rubber Ducky"
Shark Fin AntennaShark Fin PackageUHF 1/2 Wave Antenna - "Rubber Ducky"
Shark Fin antenna with 3.0 forward gain for long tracks.This "Shark Fin" antenna increases signal output by 3 Db! A must for long tracks. Includes 10' of coax with correct BNC connector.

Called a "Rubber Ducky", this 1/2 wave antenna gives crew/chief radios a 3 Db signal boost. Includes correct BNC adaptor for SFE radio.




UHF Roof Antenna
UHF Roof Antenna
Roof mount antenna for UHF radios.